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Have you ever neglected your own health?What placement in astrology can make you neglect your health and appearance?

Posted by Stoic.
[display_name id=”1″]Yes, I have. Staying up way too late playing video games, watching too much tv, eating junk food all of the time, not bathing on a regular basis, not dressing properly for the occasion, weather, climate, or temperature, etc. Also, not doing homework or studying for school, doing drugs/alcohol of any kind, overeating or undereating, not taking care of yourself (Mind, Body, and Spirit), not engaging in things you actually could or want to achieve, and the only one who’s keeping you from achieving those goals is none other than yourself. Only you can truly change yourself for the better, you can’t always rely on others to always be there for you to lean/depend on.

I think Earth and Water signs are the most prone to neglecting themselves due to them being negative, feminine signs. Then again..Fire signs tend to push themselves too hard when it comes to almost anything and Air signs over-think stuff and cause their brains to “tweak out”, which in large quantities is actually very hazardous to your health.

I think a Moon sign (How you are on the inside) in an Earth or Water sign tends to be the most prone to negative-type feelings. Same thing with Venus or Mars which tend to include your feelings towards certain circumstances or people, which can affect the way your basic outlook is.

I will admit I have a Taurus Moon (Lazy, slow, too serious, etc), Venus & Mars both in Scorpio (Manipulative, sly, power seekers, etc), Sun and Mercury in Libra (Unsteady, indecisive, neat freak, etc), and Rising in Sagittarius which makes me come off as being careless and childish in the wrongest ways so..

For the most part though, Water signs in most placements tend to have the worst outlook towards their health and appearance, compared to any other sign. I say this because they tend to be the moodiest signs, being feminine and all so. Which is actually pretty understanding from my point of view. I have Scorpio, a water sign, in both my Venus and Mars placements, and then Taurus, an earth sign, under my Mood placement. My feelings can actually be pretty delicate at times I just don’t show them very well. If you know what I mean anyway.

Video games and health issues?I’m a game addict and i get dizzy at times, my brain gets pains, i forget get what im doing randomly at times, and im wondering if this all because of video games and how i can help this, even when im not playing i dont feel as bad but the same things happen, i dont really eat much when im playing games oh yea and i dont have no diseases.

[display_name id=”1″]It depends on what YOU are doing. You must keep in mind to use video games in moderation.

I hate when people blame everything on video games. Yes, there are exceptions, but you have to keep in mind most of the time…it is the people.

Not all video games cause health issues. Such as Dance-Dance Revolution. My friend and I go to the arcade together frequently and workout with it.

You can impair your vision if you’re staring at the screen too much. Just like the PC screen. (MMOs or TV)

There have been studies where researchers have found that a person who plays shooter games has a tendency to pick a certain thing out faster and more easily than someone who doesn’t. Their reaction time was a bit faster as well. Other than that, they’re no good for your health.

You defiantly need to take a break! :P.

Are there anything positive that comes from kids playing video games?Kids are playing more and more video games and I’m curious if there is anything positive that kids learn from video games. I can definitely come up with a lot of negatives, but are there any positive influences/impact that video games have for our kids.

Posted by inabinet
[display_name id=”1″]Thanks to video games, my nine year old grandson has a better understanding of:
Percentages – Health is often calculated as a number which can easily been seen in the form of a bar graph or numerically. Constant analysis of this is needed to survive in most games.

Spelling, grammar – My grandson’s newest game, Kingdom Hearts II for the Playstation 2, is reading intensive; reading comprehension is necessary to complete tasks and make progress in the game. History – games like Civilization give a better understanding of history, politics, economies Strategy – Conserving health, planning attacks, solving puzzles – all healthy activities to flex his mental muscles Logic – Advances in AIl results in realistic interactions which demands realistic decision making. Logical steps are needed to solve puzzles, navigate worlds, and find the missing pieces. Competition – Family competition helps our family bond. This also teaches him humility – how to be a good loser, and how if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Coordination – Games like Eye toy gets your kid off the couch and moving around, while still allowing the kids to have fun. Go outside and play? No. Stay inside and jump and dance and spin? Sure! I think video games are way for a kid to explore virtual worlds which inspires imagination and creativity. They are proud of virtual achievements. These games are far more stimulating than letting a child’s mind rot in front of a tv.

All things in moderation, though. Also, nothing more than your basic animated violence is allowed in our house.

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