Having A Healthy Mind

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Questions and Answers

How to have a healthy body and mind?

Posted by Stephen
[display_name id=”1″]It is great that you are concerned about having a healthy body and mind. There are several factors that are very important in loving and nurturing your body.

A very important one is nutrition. Think of your body like a vehicle. You have to feed it to keep it running. You cannot put just anything in your vehicle; it has to run on gasoline. If you put something else in it, you will have a car that does not run properly. Like a car your body needs tune ups and oil changes, just like your body needs wellness checks and proper care. Supplementing can supercharge your mind and we find the newest and best supplements are being provided by Brain Abundance.  You can explore the product Brain Fuel Plus at http://BR1.ExperienceBA.com  to supercharge the mind at any age.  This will improve focus, support memory and help manage stress in our lives. http://BR1.ExperienceBA.com.

Another factor is healthy sleep. Your body and mind need rest to recharge. Each person is different in the amount of sleep they need and it varies as you get older. Make sure you are at least getting 8 hours of good sleep a night.

Thirdly, stress management and reducing stress will not only help keep your body healthy but it will also improve overall mental health. It is important that a person has healthy, positive ways to cope with daily life stressors. Just a few of the many coping skills include; journaling, reading a book, listening to music, exercise, etc. Speaking of exercise, physical activity helps both your body and mind. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, risk of hypertension, obesity and many other health related problems.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Do something each day that makes you happy and you enjoy. This may be going for a walk, watching a good movie or simply calling a good friend.

Here’s to a happy, healthy “you”!

Kay, Counselor
Boys Town National Hotline

How can I become more Spiritual/ have a healthy mind etc.?I’ve been thinking lately,
I don’t know a lot about myself, I don’t know who I want to be and stuff like that,
I’m different around friends and my family,
I try to balance myself out, Be nice/tough etc, but I feel like I’m acting my whole life, I just don’t know myself well enough.

How can I become one of those cool dudes who is in touch with their spiritual side and stuff like that?, like a lot of martial art fighters. I don’t really know a lot about stuff like that, Where would I even begin?

Posted by Mike
[display_name id=”1″]“How can I become more Spiritual/ have a healthy mind”?

Sorry, the two are not compatible.

Would you say that you have a healthy body, mind and soul?I know it’s usually mind, body and soul but i think that in order to have a healthy mind, you need a healthy body and that will help you attain a healthier soul.

Posted by JohnXo
[display_name id=”1″]“Soul” is something we are, not something we have.
Mind (thought) + Spirit (emotion) + Body (action) = Soul

My mind and spirit are healthier than my body is, but over all, my soul is healthy.

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Silva Mind Training, Kolkata, India

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