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Why is there such a stigma on being a gamer?

For example: people think that we are wasting our time, have no lives, need to get girlfriends, complete nerds etc and so on. What is so bad about being a gamer? Why is it that movies are givin a free pass but people give you shame for enjoying the best video game? I had people tell me I am wasting my time playing video games yet hours of watching film is ok. What's wrong with this? Can anyone explain?

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This is something that has been happening for years and will continue to happen until the day we die. The greatest things in life are what's most made fun of or rejected by society. People who aren't gamers just don't understand.

Many people in today's society find playing games and paying for them a waste of time and money. But, why? Because ONE gamer out of 100 is the type who literally won't leave the game for weeks at a time? We aren't all like this. But just like with everything else, it only takes one bad apple to deem the whole tree ruined. But playing games are not a waste of time to those who enjoy it. In fact, it helps develop hand-eye coordination and self control. Also, if the person truly enjoys the game, then it will release happy chemicals in the brain. This is a hobby just like any other. As for the money, yes it is very true that games can be costly. But, so is going to the movies, buying movies, buying CDs, buying clothes, etc. These are all things people enjoy and they don't see it as a waste of money, yet buying a game is? Makes no sense. But it's all in the eye of the beholder. An artist would invest $100s of dollars in supplies that a football player may seem as a waste of money. So to most of society games are a waste of money but to the actual gaming community it definitely isn't. And i don't know about you, but I would much rather spend my time and money on video games than drugs or alcohol. For some reason buying alcohol and going to a bar and wasting an easy $80 on drinks for a few hours of "fun" is ok, but don't dare buy a $50 video game that will last much longer!!!

What I've come across during my many many years as being a gamer is that people believe we are all dorks, geeks, dweebs, and losers who will never get laid. This is incredibly untrue. I am a 22 year old WOMAN, I've been a gamer since I got my first Nintendo in 1997, and I don't regret any time or money I spent on games. Why? Because I graduated with honors in high school, I had the best relationships with friends and dating, I never once in my life tried drugs, and I don't fit in with the stereotype, which made me determined to change people's thoughts about gamers. I'm that girl who wears dresses everyday, squeals over new shoes, spends time doing my hair and makeup, has a lot of fiends, an yet I play world of warcraft, diablo, eve, etc…. While I'm playing wow I will do my hair and makeup so I can go out for the night. In other words, I'm a gamer with a life, just like most other gamers. But society doesn't look past that one gamer who refuses to get off the game.

Oh and I absolutely love the stereotype that gamers don't get laid when in fact gamers are the most sexually active teenagers and young adults. Every gamer I've ever met – and I've met a lot – were in amazing relationships and very sexually active. If anything, it's always been the cheerleaders and jocks who stay virgins til college. This stereotype comes from the fact that gamers exclude themselves from other cliques. They like to be left alone and they like that others don't know anything about them. They usually don't care to exploit themselves or their personal lives just to make a point to another. It's like gamers have their own secret community and they can usually spot another gamer from a mile away. I really enjoy this feature about being gamer!!! Oh, and not to mention the fact that I met my boyfriend off of world of Warcraft years ago. We are still going strong and planning our wedding. So society can shove it up their stereotypical ass!

And when it comes down to it, people who play games are smarter and more intellectual than those who would rather passively sit there and watch a movie. At least with a game you are thinking, you are socializing (even if it's online) you are doing something that can help you in the future because there are plenty of jobs in today's world that requires knowing how to use a computer. My 8 year old niece has been playing games with me for a year now and ever since she started, her attention span and grades in school have both gotten better!

Sorry for the very long reply but this has always been a pet peve of mine. Plain and simple, people don't like what they don't understand.

Why are we investing in Video Game companies?

I don't freaking get it…Why are we investing in pointless 'companies' that are basically turning your brain into mush. It is a waste of investing, why not more into research..who cares if gaming is 'profitable' .
Why not invest in something more innovative rather than something that isn't?

Posted by Nicholas B
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I guess it is a matter of 'free will' in a capitalistic paradigm. Investors *do* care about profit or return on their investment. There is high demand for video games (and I agree with your viewpoint that they are sort of meaningless, but many people are basically addicted to them. Did you play video games as a child? I was a teen in the 1970s, and we played video games and pinball, etc. In arcades. Now that I'm 48, I personally have found interest in other things and rarely play games. Perhaps an occasional online game of whatever, but I don't have any video game console like xbox.)

What research would you like people to 'invest in' ?

A complete mirror to the 'investment' in (violent) video games is how 'adults' and 'governments' 'invest' in wars. Why is that? Are humans just 'hooked' on violence and killing? The USA has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade now? For what?

To feed the military-industrial complex *trillions* of dollars. That's where the 'research' is being done ~ developing the latest 'awesome' weapon.

The brilliant governments of the world also like nuclear power plants. Too bad they often have 'accidents' and spill radioactive particles all over the globe. Hey, it's just 'research'.

GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Just another 'adult' investment and 'research'.

The entire human experience is a research project.

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking recently said that humanity will not be able to survive on this planet for very much longer. It's toxic. Species are going extinct at increasing rates.

His view is that we need (like right now) to fund space exploration research and start getting people to another planet.

The thing is though … Would we just ruin that planet also?

Wherever you go, there you are.

Which is better a ds or a psp?

But i like the ds but it doesn't have many functions and the psp has music and games. But would it be worth it if i have to sell my ds to get one? Tell me why you chose the ds or psp and tell me all the functions.

Posted by Danny C
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I'll give some advice but please be advised I'm speaking on a non-biased level but on a more informative level. I don't necessarily have a favourite from PSP to DS but want to provide you with the best information possible to help you make your own decision.

PSP doesn't have very many games. You will notice that most games are extremely garbage and good games are few and far between to find. The PSP is good if you want to put music, pictures and video clips on your PSP because the screen is gorgeous…. But… Memory cards are -extremely- expensive if you want to do that. A typical PSP comes with a 1GB card and if you actually want to store music and videos on that.. Good luck because you won't get much on it. A decent size memory card (probably 8GB) is around $150 which is almost the cost of the PSP to begin with! If you have an iPod, you're already doing all that anyway.

So to break it down for you, here are some PROS about the PSP:
-All around multimedia center is nice to have if you don't have an iPod
-Built- in WiFi and built in web browser
-Some fun exclusives like Secret Agent Clank, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, Loco Roco, Socom Fireteam, FF Tactics, Lumines and Wipeout Pure.
-Analog stick
-mini-USB port for easy connection to PC
-PS2 graphics, screen is huge 16:9 widescreen
-component cables bought extra can hook your PSP up to your TV
-online play is free and easy to get into.

Some CONS about the PSP:
– memory cards are expensive and not worth it if you have an iPod that does all of that.
-menu screen/downloading to your PSP can be difficult to maneuver around if you aren't very tech savvy.
– not many games to begin with, not many games releasing in the future; games are also generally geared towards a pre-teen – mid-teen audience.
– Need to use specific PSP headphones.. You can't use any random headphones because the jack is too small. Say goodbye to your 100 dollar Bose headset.
– Load times are -terrible-, and during games, you hear a lot of crackling when your games are loading from the disc spinning in your PSP
-Battery power is terrible, not as good as the DS or GBA
-Use of UMD's (PSP Movies which are discontinued) take up 1.8GB's on your memory card (and 2GB cards are about 45 dollars!)
-Very fragile, easy to get scratched up and drop and awkward to carry around because of size.
-Online can be very slow even connected to a powerful highspeed wireless connection.

Now the DS. The DS is very neat. It has an extremely big selection of games that tailor to every type of audience. There are simple jump and collect type games (Mario brothers, Mario Party, Kirby) that are easy for anyone to pick up (kids or adults), there are child learning games (Smart Boy, Smart Girl), there are brain exercise games for mid-teens to adults/seniors (Brain Age 1/2, Personal Math Trainer, Flash Focus), there are shooting/actions for the more advanced gamer (Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed). There is a lot more games for the DS that are for every audience and might be a better choice for that reason alone.

Pros about the DS:
-has dual screens, one being a touch screen that works like a mouse and is -very- innovative and fun to use on most DS games (Mario Party)
-NO MEMORY CARDS! All game saves are stored on the cartridges themselves and you don't have to worry about spending all kinds of crazy money.
– Menu screen is simple, put the game in and play.
-Backwards compatibility, can play GBA games
– many different colours
-Battery life is excellent, 10 hours of gameplay and even longer if you turn down the brightness.
-Can use any headphones.
-Guitar Hero on Tour for your DS
– Pausing a game is as easy as just folding down your DS at any time.
– Zero load times
– Price of the DS is quite low (129.99 in Canada) and going even lower.
– New DS is releasing near the end of this year (Dsi), but most games will still be supported on the original DS.
-Online play locally is fun as only one person needs the game for multiple people to play.
– Built in Wi-Fi,
– DS is very sleek and small enough to fit in a pocket without risking damaging the screen
– Very fun 'pick up and play' DS games: Phoenix Wright series, Castlevania, Cooking Mama, Trauma Center, New Super Mario Brothers, MarioKart, Nintendogs, Korg-10 Synth, Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Galaxy Wars and Bing Bang Mini

Cons about the DS:
-No multimedia support; you cannot store pictures, music or movies on your DS (but once again, if you have an iPod, there's no point). [well there is a way but it's useless and expensive, like 40 dollars]
-Graphics are very weak compared to the PSP.
– Touch screen can get scratched up after a few months.
– Cartridges can be quite expensive
– Online play requires friend codes if you want to talk to anyone.
– Getting back to menu screen is annoying to change games, requiring you to turn off your DS and turn it back on.

Now, after all that.. Here is my personal opinion – Get a DS, better and more games and will not be going obsolete any time soon (even with the new DSi coming out nearing the end of the year). If you want all around multimedia entertainment, get an iPod touch, it starts around 230 dollars for an 8gb and you will get a lot more use out of it. PSP is 170 + 150 dollars for an 8GB card and does not have very many games that are even worth buying it for.

Hope that helps, this took me a long time to type out, lol.

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