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Mind + Body = Health ……Agreed ?

Posted by Buzzzbe
[display_name id=”1″]Mind + Body + Soul = Good Health due to peace of mind …….. Meditation & yoga are prime for good health and healthy mind which can withstand to any position — good or bad.
Mental Health / The Mind?Would anyone here agree with the statement “The only demons that exist are the ones we create.”?I asked a mental health professional years ago if he believed “demons” existed (I used to practice occultism, and I knew a guy I did IT work for who was a shrink).

I ask this as it seems the human brain is capable of doing some amazing things, and I wonder just how much of what we experience is real, and what is just imagined (“Bob hates me”; in reality Bob is just having a bad day, ect…). Like as a kid, didn’t the boogey man only come out at night, and only when you got into bed and the lights were turned off?

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[display_name id=”1″]Your question asked if all the demons are in the mind as if being in the mind does not make it real. One could also ask what composes reality. What we think is reality is in our minds and the obstacles that we pose for ourselves are also the way we perceive things to be – as one person put it here, our attitude. People see demons who look at the dark side of life. We create our own fears by fearing them and we conquer them by challenging ourselves. As one person said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Maintaining a positive attitude can facilitate your conquering anything that is in your path. If you meet an immovable object, sometimes a little “cognitive restructuring” can help us reframe how we see the world. Reality is in some sense created by our acting in the world and what we choose to avoid and not act on. Reality is an interplay between our perceptions, our actions, and then the reaction, and our perception of the reaction. Go and play! Do not be afraid!
Health is not condition of matter ,but of mind?Please help me before Monday i have to write it in 500 words
i need to submit this essay on monday………………………….

Posted by Harsheen
[display_name id=”1″]A definitive conclusion on your statement is difficult to arrive. But, there is a certain connection between health and mind, I believe. Physical health is consists of physical matters no doubt about it. These physical matters changes in many ways, internal and external, and we find a change pattern in our health. It is neither possible to keep those constant, nor can be controlled perfectly through a laid out mechanism. The mind is responsible for the internal changes that happens due to secretion of fluids (Chemicals) by various glands situated all over the body. When we are in happy mood, the fluid secreted is good for our body, otherwise it is just the opposite. So, by keeping the mind healthy it is possible to counter effect the negativity of external inputs inside the body; thereby maintain the good health.
The moot point is that we need to understand the subject ‘mind’ in this respect. Though very little is known about mind, yet writings of great philosophers throughout the world can be useful, I think. For your convenience I am giving some links below, read them and try to extract some points for your essay.

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“We All Have Problems” – Mental Health Awareness Ad

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