Tips for Brain Health

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Questions and Answers

Any tips for getting more brains?

Posted by Rigsby
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Eat walnuts.Their good for brain health.

Brain cancer questions..?

If anyone could answer these questions that be really great:
1) how does brain cancer attack the body?
2) What type of cell it attacks?
3) How it affects on the cells?
4) Can it spread?
5)why or why now does it spread?
6) How does it spread?

Posted by ellie
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Brain Cancer
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Brain Cancer Information
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Brain Tumors
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What is a brain tumor?
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Eating peanuts brain health?

I have some stress, and anxiety problems that in certain situations can really make me freak out, one extreme example is going to my moms house, i had a lot of problems around HS graduation that really mad life miserable.

I recently had another "attack" and started eating honey roasted peanuts, and felt better soon after. Is there a reason why i calm down when i eat them? They are one of my favorite foods, and i am underweight for my age.

Any other tips for anxiety and stress would be helpful.

Why do the peanuts help?
Tips for anxiety.

Posted by nathan
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Yes, eating is relaxing. There is a part of your brain devoted to making you want to have sex and eat. They call it "comfort food" for a very good reason. That is also why alot of people get very very fat. They learn that eating makes them feel better and eat whenever there is the slightest bit of stress.

If it works for you and it's under control, hell it might even help if you are super skinny, then it's all cool. But you can't just eat peanuts when you're wife kills herself after the baby dies suddenly in your 20s, or something bug like that. You need to take this time to develop the skills to deal with stress. The biggest trick is to just take it. Sit with the feelings and trust that they will go away on their own. Know that you don't have to act on feelings. You don't have to eat or fight or run or quit your job etc. You can just find a quiet spot and sit still for a while.

Life's only going to get harder. You're going to deal with stress whether you like it or not. The outcome of that is your decision.

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