How to Keep Your Mind Healthy

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Questions and Answers

How to keep a healthy mind in a large urban environment?

Passive-aggressive people
Argh… Help me!
Oh I forgot about Anxiety.

Posted by frostbite
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First of all I appreciate your right approach to keep the mind healthy. It is a really good sign.

We cannot escape from this odd circumstances. We have to put up with such ugliness around. We should know lot of patience and tolerance. There are definitely ways. Since you have the Will, you will also have the way.

Mind has peace, happiness inherent along with truth. By knowledge and good practice, we have to retain this peace and happiness at all costs. Wisdom and inspiration to lead a rightful living is must. If you somehow keep the mind healthy like this, your body will also be healthy. Mind is to be preserved more than body. You have chosen the right approach. Place and circumstances are secondary. Will power to withstand the pressure is essential.

How to keep your mind sharp?

Like what are some mental exercises to keep your mind sharp because it feel like my mind is dull or dulling up. Thanks.

Posted by Nick Thomas
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Crossword puzzles and logical thinking is likely to keep your mind sharp. The mind can become sluggish if it is not kept healthy with daily intake of water, healthy foods, and good exercise. Bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, and over-use of certain drugs and medications. Good sleeping habits are well worth the effort to rest the mind as well as not over-thinking situations or events to the point where it may cause stress or tiredness.

8 tips to keep a healthy mind.?

What do we need to do, eat, or drink to keep our minds healthy and why?

Posted by iHeartCookie
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Try this website:


You could also try yoga:

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