How to Have a Healthy Mind

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Questions and Answers

How can you build up a healthy mind?

What are the sign of a healthy mind?

Posted by billu
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Mind is d strongest weapon in our hand. And the strongest weapon must be kept in good working condition and in our own control! Normally,bcoz of today's lifestyle,we all have become slaves to our desire,our wishes which all origin from our mind. So, v shud be aware and have our mind under our regulation. So, to do develop a healthy mind, you shud do such activities which makes our mind our friend which listens to our commands and not dat v listen to it's commands.
Best way to build up a healthy mind is Meditation.Thru meditation we make habit of giving our mind one task at a time, so it is able to give its best 100% to every small task we do. Mind is regulated and it's vast potential energy is chanelised in the right way and we have the best results in our hands. And that's the sign of a healthy mind.
Also, a regulated mind is giving origin to only good and moral thoughts which creates the healthy atmosphere for us as well as others. Bcoz thoughts follow the law of attraction! And as thoughts you have,so you attract them. And a healthy, regulated mind developed thru meditation gives only positive,healthy thoughts which attracts the same.
And you shud also teach your mind healthy habits of reading gud knowledgeable stuff instead of the today's common trend of all violent, immoral, anti social junk stuff. Our mind is like a seed. It will grow as you feed it. If you give the seed all healthy nutrients it will grow into a a green, healthy tree with fruits.And if you feed it with unwanted rotten waste, so you wud reap the same.
So, similarly have the habit of feeding the mind with healthy, loving thoughts good for you as well as this world so that you have a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy world to live in.
I do meditation,which has helped me a lot to regulate my mind. So,if interested, i may help you out. Thanks! 🙂

A healthy mind produces love……….Agreed ?

Posted by Buzzzbe
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We do not really know what a healthy mind may produce. The mind of somebody does not have automatic access to the mind and to the intentions / designs of somebody else; this seems also what Luhmann tells us.

We may try and guess or hope that a healthy mind will produce a sensible / logical behaviour perhaps not in ferocious conflict with our life and with our shared culture;

we may try and confidently hope that a healthy mind will treasure or promote some good attitude, a fond expression of love, not of all too possessive greed, towards others.

Love may be the expression of a sensible or logical fond behaviour, thus a healthy mind might sort of reflectively, and at times as if ardently instinctively, produce love.

Amen. Have a great smile of love.

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