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Could smoking marijuana be beneficial?

I've never taken any illegal substances but I'm fascinated by the effects they have on the brain, I've watched countless documentrys, however I have not heard any good aspects of marijuana (if there is any) could it be beneficial?

And prevent mental illness? Or is this just something pot-heads make up to get this stuff legalized?

Posted by Robert
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Thankfully they're actual long-term studies being performed by Scientist these days. So instead of ideas of certain people's opinion, they're actual facts being documented on long-term users. Always remember, moderation in everything!

Source: ( Http://… )
Many drugs, such as heroin, cocaine and alcohol, inhibit the growth of new cells in the hippocampus, which scientists believe could emotionally destabilize addicts. Understanding how drugs affect the hippocampus may have a critical role in treating addiction.Neuropsychologist Xia Zhang and a team of researchers based at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, aimed to find out just how marijuana-like drugs, known collectively as cannabinoids, act on the brain.

The researchers injected rats with HU210, a synthetic drug that is about one-hundred times as powerful as THC, the high-inducing compound naturally found in marijuana. They then used a chemical tracer to watch new cells growing in the hippocampus.

They found that HU210 seemed to induce new brain cell growth, just as some antidepressant drugs do, they report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. This suggests that they could potentially be used to reduce anxiety and depression, Zhang says. He adds that the research might help to create new cannabinoid-based treatments.

"I think it's a very exciting study," says Amelia Eisch, an addiction researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. "It makes marijuana look more like an antidepressant and less like a drug of abuse."

Source:( Http://… )
Analysis of Studies Finds Little Effect From Long-Term Use
By Sid Kirchheimer
WebMD Health News
July 1, 2003 — Long-term and even daily marijuana use doesn't appear to cause permanent brain damage, adding to evidence that it can be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of diseases, say researchers.

The researchers found only a "very small" impairment in memory and learning among long-term marijuana users. Otherwise, scores on thinking tests were similar to those who don't smoke marijuana, according to a new analysis of 15 previous studies.

In those studies, some 700 regular marijuana users were compared with 484 non-users on various aspects of brain function — including reaction time, language and motor skills, reasoning ability, memory, and the ability to learn new information.

Surprising Finding:

"We were somewhat surprised by our finding, especially since there's been a controversy for some years on whether long-term cannabis use causes brain damage," says lead researcher and psychiatrist Igor Grant, MD.

"I suppose we expected to see some differences in people who were heavy users, but in fact the differences were very minimal."

The marijuana users in those 15 studies — which lasted between three months to more than 13 years — had smoked marijuana several times a week or month or daily. Still, researchers say impairments were less than what is typically found from using alcohol or other drugs.

Brain Shrinkage and Alcoholic Behavior:

The shrinkage observed seems to be more extensive in the cortex of the frontal lobe, which is believed to be the seat of higher intellectual functions. This shrinkage generally increases with age, at least in men.
Repeated imaging of a group of alcoholics who continued drinking over a 5-year period revealed progressive brain shrinkage that significantly exceeded normal age-related shrinkage. The rate of frontal cortex shrinkage correlates closely with the amount of alcohol consumed.

But this shrinkage has also been observed in deeper brain regions, including brain structures associated with memory, as well as in the cerebellum, which helps regulate coordination and balance.


Are illegals receiving better health care that veterans?

Illegal immigrants Get Better Health Care Then US Vets!

Illegal immigrants depressed wages in Arizona to the tune of $1.4 billion in 2006 and dipped lower-skilled legal workers’ pay by 4.7 percent.

That is according to a study by a Harvard University economist commissioned by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. The MCAO had the study done as part of its defense of the state’s new employer sanctions law.

Business and Hispanic groups have challenged that law questioning its validity and arguing it would hurt the state’s economy.

The study by Harvard economist George Borjas said hiring illegal immigrants depresses wages because they work for lower pay and sometimes are paid under the table. The study said illegal immigrants primarily impact wages and jobs held by legal workers with lower education levels. Borjas said that illegals make up 10 percent of all state workers and decrease all wages by 1.5 percent.

Before our last election for change:

As the left proclaims that there will be a massive Latino voter turnout in 2008, more and more cities across the nation are claiming that they can’t stop voter fraud among illegal aliens.

Study: Illegals depress wages by $1.4 billion in Arizona- Source=Phoenix Business Journal .

They cost the state about $1.4 billion in services, this is only Arizona.

Arizona consistently has one of the nation’s highest rates of fatal hit-and-run crashes.

And some statistical evidence suggests the state’s large number of illegal immigrants is one reason.
But to many traffic safety experts and insurance industry officials, there is at least circumstantial evidence that people illegally in the country contribute to the hit-and-run problem.

The seven states with the highest rates of fatal hit-and-run crashes are also the seven states that have the most illegal immigrants, according to two think tanks. Both the Pew Hispanic Center and Center for Immigration Studies rank Arizona fifth and put its illegal immigrant population at about 500,000, or 9 percent of all state residents.
Arizona led the nation in another category that may be tied to illegal immigration: one in 12 drivers in fatal accidents had no license at all. New Mexico and Texas, two other border states, ranked second and third in that measure.
Arizona’s high rates of unlicensed drivers and hit-and-run crashes are “joined at the hip,” said Dave Willis, a senior research scientist at the Texas Transportation Institute who has studied traffic safety issues for 30 years.
Gustavo Soto, a supervisory agent with the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, said smugglers of illegal immigrants or illegal drugs often are involved in fatal hit-and-runs in this part of the state. “They’re driving reckless, and they’re driving in shoddy vehicles,” Soto said.

Ahr said smugglers and illegal immigrants often leave the scene of a wreck to avoid being deported. Many of the vehicles used to transport illegal immigrants are stolen or rented, he added. If the government can turn its back on health care for military veterans, as it announced it would last week, then cutting off illegal aliens shouldn’t be too tough.

“All veterans and their families are painfully aware of the uphill struggle to obtain medical services at Veteran’s Affairs hospitals and clinics. We have to provide a ream of personal, financial, and military documentation just to get “in” the system. Once the information is validated then we are informed what our “share” of the medical expenses will be. If we submit the information in March, and we lose our job in April, we have to wait a full year for the VA to reassess our co-payment. With past funding cuts it is not unusual for a veteran to have to travel across several counties to reach a VA medical center.

Meanwhile, the illegal simply presents himself to the nearest hospital for a complete smorgasbord of free medical services. This “squatter” enjoys all of the freedoms that the veteran has fought for, with none of the pain, suffering, or expenses associated with them…

The Florida Hospital Association surveyed 28 hospitals and found that health care for illegal aliens totaled at least $40 million in 2002! So you can see this problem is nation wide!

Illegal immigrants may not know much about medical care. But one thing they do know: they get a better deal in the U.S. Than they do in Mexico.

Illegal aliens have cost billions of taxpayer-funded dollars for medical services. Dozens of hospitals in Texas, New Mexico Arizona, and California, have been forced to close or face bankruptcy because of federally-mandated programs requiring free emergency room services to illegal aliens. Taxpayers pay half-a-billion dollars per year incarcerating illegal alien criminals. Immigration is a net drain on the economy; corporate interests reap the benefits of cheap labor, while taxpayers pay the infrastructural cost. Research shows “the net annual cost of immigration has been estimated at between
“the net annual cost of immigration has been estimated at between $67 and $87 billion a year. The National Academy of Sciences found that the net fiscal drain on American taxpayers is between $166 and $226 a year per native household. Even studies claiming some modest overall gain for the economy from immigration ($1 to $10 billion a year) have found that it is outweighed by the fiscal cost ($15 to $20 billion a year) to native taxpayers.”

80% of cocaine and 50% of heroin in the U.S. Is smuggled across the border by Mexican nationals. Drug cartels spend a half-billion dollars per year bribing Mexico’s corrupt generals and police officials, and armed confrontations between the Mexican army and U.S. Border Patrol agents are a real threat. There have been 118 documented incursions by the Mexican military over the last five years.
I do not use splc as a source, they are not reliable and truthful.

Posted by Kize
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I knew this man that fell and hit his head and he had to wait almost 2 weeks to get into a Dr at the VA.But he got real sick before his appointment so his daughter took him to the hosp she worked at instead.He complained about it because he couldn't afford it he knew it would cost him more then he got from SS that month.But she took him anyway.It was discovered that he was bleeding inside his brain from the fall.He died 4 days later.That was my father and Im the one that works at the hosp where he died.I see it everyday.Illegals coming in to our ER and not paying an dime.But my father didn't come in because he couldn't afford it,he would just wait for his appointment with the VA.So do you think our govt treats illegals better then they do their Vets I would have to say yes.My father if he had lived would have been hounded day and night for this payment while the illegal would go on his merry way.At least until he needed free services again.An again he would get that service and not pay.You probably know someone that don't see a Dr, because like my father, worried that he wouldn't be able to pay while the illegal mother will come in a pop out a kid every year without a care in the world.When will our govt open its eyes to these people and see that yes, there are many good ones out there but they are still illegal and our citizens should always come first before an illegal whether in the hosp or at the grocery store.If the welfare system is going broke then they need to be the 1st to go.Even our lazy americans that has lived off of welfare all their lives has more right to welfare then an illegal.At least they are americans.Edit::: I just read some of your other answers and I guess people dont think of going to an ER and skipping out on the bill is welfare or an illegal mother having her baby and medicaid paying HER bill as well as the babies isnt welfare or how about the illegal family checking out in a grocery line and using food stamps to buy that steak or ground meat that the WHOLE family will eat not just the anchor children that get it becasue the are "americans"isnt welfare.Will let me tell you its is welfare and illegals do get it.Think about that next time you have to pay your own way when sick,hungry and you have to dig deep into your pockets for these things in life.

Why Did Charle's Whitman Do The Clock Tower Shooting?

What Was His Reason Why? What Was The Cause?

Posted by Kianna
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Whitman had a brain tumor and severe family problems.

Charles Whitman grew up in an upper-middle class family headed by a father who owned a successful plumbing contract business in Lake Worth, Florida. Whitman excelled at academics and was well liked by his peers and neighbors. There were underlying dysfunctional issues within the family that escalated in 1966, when his mother left his father and moved to Texas. The elder Whitman was an authoritarian who provided for his family, but demanded near perfection from all of them. He was also known to become physically and emotionally abusive.

Whitman's frustrations with his dysfunctional family were complicated by abuse of amphetamines and health issues including headaches that he reported in one of his final notes as "tremendous."[5] A glioblastoma, which is a highly cancerous brain tumor, was discovered during autopsy that experts on the "Connally Commission" claimed may have conceivably played a role in causing his actions. He was also affected by a court martial as a United States Marine, failings as a student at the University of Texas, ambitious personal expectations and psychotic features he expressed in his typewritten note left at 906 Jewell Street, Austin, Texas, dated both July 31, 1966 and later by hand "3 A.M., both dead August 1, 1966".

Several months prior to the tragedy, he was summoned to Lake Worth, Florida to pick up his mother who was filing for divorce from his father. The stress caused by the break-up of the family became a dominant discussion between Whitman and a psychiatrist at the University of Texas Health Center on March 29, 1966.

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