Health Games for the Brain

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Creating video games to improve mental health – SFGate

SFGateCreating video games to improve mental healthSFGateArean is joining the burgeoning field of research into the use of video games as tools for promoting brain health. Video games undoubtedly have some kind of effect on our brains, but harnessing the technology and forcing a lasting – and positive …

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Questions and Answers

I need to improve my brain?

All fields of my brain are drastically out of shape and impaired due to 5 years of video game addiction. I need to get my brain back up to par. Plz give me healthy food charts to maintain proper brain health. Free and or trustworthy websites with games tips and exercises to improve Memory, Speech, etc anything helps 🙂 Thankyou.

Posted by Smith
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Video games do not harm your brain. Doctors have been studying this for a while. But if you're having trouble concentrating or something, figure out what helps you focus and do that. Food does not help with this, but eating right will help you stay alert. But don't blame the video games. It's all you. If you need some help, go get it. A doctor may put you on something.

How can I convince my parents to let me play video games during weekdays?

I am really wanting to play video games during the week, and my parents haven't let me since 6th grade. I'm 14 and in 9th grade. I'm sure they believe that it will consume my life, but I have constantly assured them it won't. Even on weekends I can't play past 9 o'clock, but I do admit that I occasionally play for 3 to 4 hours. I'm a A/B+ student and school comes first for me. I just often find myself bored out of my mind and it would be nice to be able to play 1 hour or so a day if I become bored. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Posted by David
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Show them articles that state that video games are good for the brain.

They help with problem solving, critical thinking, brain activity, hand/eye coordination and more. It is said that surgeons who play video games are better at their job. Also those who play video games as they age are less likely to get Alzheimer's.


I allow my kids to play video games. Just a few days ago my 11yr old got his 13yr old sister hooked on Mine Craft. That is very educational.

We homeschool and at times I allow video games to be counted for school work. Like designing worlds in Minecraft or Building & designing a home on Sims 3. Both games are used in colleges.

The thing is though some people only see the negative side of video games. They think of an over weight kid sitting all day in front of the computer or tv. They think of games that focus on killing and things like that. Plus some people just hate the idea of video games. Some people like that will never change their mindset. It is a waste of time trying to convince them or show them that people actually learn things from video games.

Ways to increase mental stamina/health?

What are some things besides exercise, eating healthy and reading can one do to increase mental stability/health?

Posted by Robert Sandy
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Crossword puzzles, Wordfinds, Sudoku or any kind of brain-teaser game that gets you thinking.

Meditation/Prayer daily to clear head & relax.

Learn something new, like a new language or take a class- a subject you find interesting.

Hobbies like drawing, painting, arts& crafts will also stimulate brain.

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