What Vitamins Are Good for Memory Boosting

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Has anyone taken any proven vitamins for memory boost ?

Posted by Delani
[display_name id=”1″]What was that again.. OOOpps.. I think gonna need a memory booster too. Heheh.

Any tips to help boost concentration?I’m currently working on a thesis for final year of uni but am finding it extremely difficult to concentrate…anybody any useful tips?? Thanks for feedback 🙂

Posted by Celtic Goddess
[display_name id=”1″]Hey, buddy …… For memory loss and increasing your concentration and levels of focus try eating more foods rich in Vitamin B1 (thiamine) ie ~ brewer’s yeast, whole grain breads and cereals like brown rice, meat , organic nuts and seeds like almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds, legumes such as peas, beans and lentils and potatoes………. Sooo, ditch the white bread buddy if you eat any.

Organic with the nuts and seeds to avoid the nasty sulfites and other chemicals they use in the commercial varieties to “preserve” them that will upset sensitive bodies.

Cut out lollies, candies, sugary and packaged junky type foods like ice cream, cake and chocolate ….. Or at the very least cut right back on them as they will only rob you of your precious vitamins and nutrients and stress your system more….. Are you vegetarian or lactose intolerant?? It’s really important to supplement with a B complex if you are mate …. Take a multi B complex supplement including all the B’s ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 as they work best as a group……… Don’t take any of the B complex of vitamins individually but rather as a whole group unless specifically told to by a nutritionally oriented physician or naturopath.

The need for B1 (and the B complex) increases when we are stressed, during illness and surgery. B1 has beneficial effects on the nervous system and mental attitude and will also aid in digestion and keep nervous system, muscles and heart functioning normally………… The B complex of vitamins will help bolster your system so as you can better deal with the everyday little dramas life presents for us.

It is a water soluble complex and as such our bodies can neither produce or store them. Therefore we need to ingest them on a daily basis or suffer the side affects.

Things that will rob you of your precious B complex of vitamins are :- stress, eating too much protein, alcohol, eating too much tinned and frozen food and processed sugar, laxatives and diuretics, antiobiotics, antidepressants, penicillin, prednisone and aspirin, otc cold and flu medicines and painkillers.

Also, try to cut back on drinks such as caffeine, tea, sodas and soft drinks and pop if you drink any as they are all B complex thieves…….. As well as being great at dehydrating you …. Hydrate yourself properly too and drink at least 8 glasses of fresh filtered water daily ……. You need water to think clearly, your lungs need it to breathe, you need it to lubricate your joints, transport nutrients, digest your food …… Every single cellular function in your body relies on water ….. You’d be amazed at how being just a little dehydrated can affect your concentration, mood and energy levels…. Drink up.

Also, an L-glutamine supplement taken 3 times daily with a meal will also bolster a healthy immune and nervous system and assist in maintaining muscle function……. It also helps maintain the health of intestinal flora and thus is a digestive aid… Glutamine is a natural amino acid and a naturally occuring antioxidant and is brilliant for helping you to retain more information and recollecting particular thoughts.

Other nutrients which are said to enhance your memory and make you smarter are ~ Vitamine E, grapeseed extract, lipoic acid, Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B12 (cobalamin),folic acid, choline, gotu kola ………… Obviously none of them will turn you into Albert Einsteen but you’ll surely start focusing more mate ……… Take care of you. We have found “BrainFuel Plus” to do all that you have requested above and it is easly taken in capsule form.  Three capsules per day will accomplish your goal and it is reasonably priced and shipping is available world wide. You can sign-up at http://BR1.BrainAbundance.biz

Peace baby

Memory boosting foods?What are the best kinds of food/fruits to eat to boost memory and concentration?

Posted by Elsie.1912
[display_name id=”1″]You could have a look at this website Http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/6-foods… it has some awesome info on it, including all the foods, vitamins, exercises etc to improve memory & concentration.

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