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What supplements are good for brain health?

I have used drugs such as spice nd alcohol and I'm trying to make my brain more healthy . What are some good vitamins/supplements ? I'm 16.

Posted by babiesmiles
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As far as supplements, a good multivitamin (like a one a day) will not hurt. B-12 will increase energy too, because getting sober will be hard and draining. I'd go with a previous comment too and try fasting, but if you were a heavy drinker, be careful. Come down slow or you have the potential to shock your body.

I used to suffer from alcohol abuse, what supplements would you suggest for the health of my brain?

I was a light-alcoholic. I know alcohol kills brain cells that will no longer go back. So I'm assuming, unfortunately, I lost some amount of brain cells because of that and I know them they will never come back but everyone loses brain cells at some point. My question is, what supplements would you suggest to, at least, lower the loss of brain cells for the rest of my life?
You are all trolls. I KNOW THAT IM NOT GETTING THEM BACK. What supplements to take in order to prevent further brain cell loss for the rest of my life?

Posted by Sarkis
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I wouldn't worry so much about supplements for preventing brain cell (neuronal loss).

Our brains are plenty capable of harvesting what we ingest in our diets to provide all the ingredients to keep our brains healthy.

So as far as supplements, I could give you a list of amino acids, nootropics, and vitamins but you wouldn't notice any difference. I'll give you one,.. Fish oil — This has been studied to death and has neuroprotective properties. (You can find this at any pharmacy, walmart, grocery store, etc).

Further — our brains are not static, and our brains are trillions of neurons that have exponential branches of dendrites that are linked via synapses.

You are correct, we all have brain cells die — every day.. All of us, no matter how healthy we are.

Though this is a normal processes of metabolism and biology.

You are not 'brain damaged' from your light alcoholism — unless you notice some real abilities you used to possess that you can no longer do.

Even so,.. Even with some light cognitive impairment — the brain is plastic.. Ie: Neuroplasticity.

This means that your existing neurons (aka: Brain cells) — can and DO form new connections to take the place of any damage, loss of neurons, etc.

This is how we learn. Our brains are not static. We don't develop our brain and it's connections through childhood and hit adult-hood and it then becomes locked or 'static'. This is a very old myth that most still believe in one form or another that neuroscientists have long since disproved.

The fact is everything you learn, ie: A language, an instrument, everyday memories, experiences, how to drive, a sport, etc — Is a process of the brain dynamically changing and these neurons creating dendritic pathways for the 'ability' to perform or remember, etc these tasks.

So with this in mind,.. Just as in stroke victims, or Traumatic brain injury cases you can relearn things lost from "damage" with repetition and practice. It isn't quick, but it happens.

The brain is quite redundant — so cells (neurons) lost don't immediately cause some major malfunction of function. There are generally many fold connections among a huge number of neurons that are responsible for any one function, memory, ability, etc.

Even the notion that we cannot grow 'new' , completely new neurons is highly debated and contested and I suspect with the discovery of active stem cells in our brains that it will soon be debunked that we are 'stuck' with X amount of "brain cells".

Don't worry so much, just focus on your sobriety and you will be fine.

Take care,

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