Most Effective Brain Supplements

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Questions and Answers

What is the most effective brain supplement for college students that is not ADHD medicine?

I've heard cerebral success, procera AVH, gingko, fish oil… Whats the best and safest?

Posted by Eleni Kavvadias
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Well I eat more fish,cold meats, berries and a bit bran. I do not take a big meal but keep snacking through the day. If you have a big carb meal you will feel sleepy as the body has to deal with a lot of food, so as long as the body has enough and the protein if giving the body strength you should whizz through what you are doing. It works for me, also do some power walking 30 minutes is enough. That lets the brain relax and the body have a simple work out burning just enough calories to keep that up with the brain.

What's your supplement cycle?

Right now I'm on Nitrix/No-Xplode and since you can only use these for 12 weeks, what is a good alternative to cycle to? Please post anything from a good cycle with those products or any other products you may be using and (if you can) why you're using those.

Posted by Princess Sophia
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Anabolic Muscle Gain Supplement Cycle
A cycle is a logical and effective pattern that is followed in order to get the best results of the different supplements that are taken. The average length of a cycle is 6 – 12 weeks in duration. The length of time for an off cycle is at least 4 weeks.

Making these cycles up for yourself doesn't require the knowledge of a brain surgeon only common sence. What is shown on this page is just an example. To give you some kind of idea what eveyone else is doing out there. Once you figure out what works well for yourself, you can design your own cycle that will give you maximum gains is the shortest period of time. The short effective cycles are almost always the best.

This cycle is an advanced cycle and may produce incredible muscle mass gains. This powerful combination of sup[plements may also result in incredible pumps, vascularity and hardness.

My Current workout routine/ supplement cycle


Hey , I wrote this out for a fellow and thought maybe it could help other mix up there workout routines or get new ideas. My current goal is to try to lose weight around my mid section, love handles and beer belly, Im 5'8 220 pounds and solid but my midsection definitly needs work. Im not trying to cut hardcore like a bodybuilder or anything, just want to show some more definition and trim up, heres my current work out

my excerise consists of 5 days on, 1 off, then back again. Ive decreased weight and upped my reps from 10 per excersise to 12

DAY 1—————————————————-

Chest – dumbell bench x 3, incline dumbell bench x 3, cable flys, light decline bench x 3

triceps- skull crushers (12skulls then 12 close grip bench using same easy bar = 1 set) x 3, tricep push downs x 3, light weight tricep kickbacks with twist(KILLS!!!) x 3

20 mins of running on eliptical machine

DAY 2—————————————————-

Biceps- preacher curls x 3, inclined inner curls x 3, close grip barbell curls with neg resistance (no weight) x 3

Back- bent over rhomboid rows (…le=Middle+Back first 2 excercises) dumbell rows x 3, double pulley lat pull downs x3, rear delt rows x2 (3 if I have energy)

20 mins of running on eliptical machine

DAY 3—————————————————-

3 min warmup with stretch

quads- leg extensions x4 (one warm up), squats x 3, angled leg press x 4

abs- ab machine (50-60 pounds) x 3 sets of 50, crunch machine (not sure actuall name x 3 sets of fifty, oblique machine 3 sets of 20 per side, Dumbell side bends 3 sets of 20

10 -15 mins running eliptical machine

DAY 4—————————————————-

Traps- barbell shrugs (x 3 to 12) then x 2 to 6 to 8 with heavy weight, Dumbell shrugs ( 12 with knuckes facing sides w/heavy weight, then immediatly pick up lighter weight and do 12 with knuckles facing back, 12 w/ knuckles facing sides, 12 with knuckles facing front) x 3, Optional standing calf machine shrugs (light weight x3)

shoulders – Arnold presses x 3, forward cable pulls x3

20 mins of running on eliptical machine

DAY 5—————————————————

3 min warm up with stretch

Hams – Hamstring extensions x 3, Deadlifts x 3, light back machine to ease tension after deadlifts

abs- ab machine (50-60 pounds) x 3 sets of 50, crunch machine (not sure actuall name x 3 sets of fifty, oblique machine 3 sets of 20 per side, Dumbell side bends 3 sets of 20

10 -15 mins running eliptical machine

DAY 6—————————————————

Nothing at all hahah

continue back to day one the next day.


well I dont really have much of a diet, Ive been really trying to cut out fast food, although fridays are my cheat days, helps me refuel mentally. Im really trying to cut carbs, except for before lifting, Ill try to eat some carbs from whole wheats and also try to have some simple carbs to spike my insuln for workout energy. When I snack if been trying to snack on things like cheeses and lunch meats. I drink lots of water with the occasional miller lite on the weekend. I could certainly use some help with my diet if you have any suggestions.


Morning- L- carnitine, Multivitamin, calcium, CLA, Ultra water pill

afternoon- CLA, Ultra water

Post workout- Creatine, Protien

Bedtime – ZMA pm formula, CLA


IGood luck, and yes I have found loosing those unwanted pounds is quite difficult.

Overall I havent seen too much of a decrease in strenght, im doing relativly close to what I was doing, minus 5 or 10 pounds to push those extra 2 reps out.

What is the best brain supplement out there?

By best i mean mental clarity, focus, mood balance, energy, and memory improvement.

Posted by lucky 31
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Omega 3. But supplements aren't very effective.
Daily exercise, puzzles, and a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and nuts is a thousand times more effective.
Also, since the brain has high percentage of fat (toxins tend to concentrate in fat tissue) a detox might also help.

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