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When is it time to switch to senior dog food?My dog is goin to be 7 in feb. Hes a lab/pit/boxer mix (to be fancy a labpitoxer, sorry had to crack that one) about 78 lbs, and still full of energy… My question is when exactly should i start introducing the senior food into his meals? I really do hate this idea (pretty much because i dont want to think of him getting older… It saddens me) but at the same time i want to switch his food to an affordable, natural product. I work at a petstore, so i get a lil discount, which helps me a bunch (hes not my only baby, but my oldest). I have the options of Solid Gold, which has caught my interest, Organix, natural balance, natural choice, nutro max, avoderm. Solid gold seems to be in my price range. What are some thoughts, to dog foods and switching to senior formulas along with all natural (hes on large breed pro plan at the moment). Any other foods i should be thinking about at other stores? Suggestions?

Posted by pandoras_snakegirl
[display_name id=”1″]Yes, your dog is getting older (something we all hate to see) but there are things you could be doing to help your dog be healthier as he ages and even add a few years to his life (something we all love to see)!
My opinion is that you should make the switch to an all natural food AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and not wait around till your dog reaches that senior stage of his life. Pro Plan well its just not cutting it, it has ingredients that really shouldn’t be in a quality dog food such as fillers (corn, wheat gluten), mystery products (poultry by-product, animal digest and fish meal) and simply not enough meat content a dog needs in it’s diet. I see a great food that you mention, though: Solid Gold (Barking at the Moon). It is completely all natural , good meat content and completely grain free. A couple of foods you could look for are Innova and Canidae All Life Stages (Original): These are very good foods as well. I think Canidae would definately be in your price range if Solid Gold is.
If you choose to switch your dog over to Senior formula then you can do it at around 8-9 years of age. Im not sure if Solid Gold has a senior formula so you’d probably have to add supplements but Canidae has a Senior formula which I would recommend simply because of it’s added nutrients. There are alot age related problems for dogs such as arthritis, kidney diseases and even brain diseases . Senior forumlas contain higher levels of antioxidants, high quality proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre to help combat against these diseases. I think it would be an excellent idea if you made that switch.
*Remeber that anytime you switch dog foods to incorporate the new in with the old slowly adding more until your dog is completely switched over to the new food.
Gingko biloba is it really works for the brain?? Like good for memorization?Has anyone tried it yet?? Thanks.

Posted by miss angelle
[display_name id=”1″]• Galangal
• Garcinia Cambogia HCA Citrimax• Garlic
• Gelatin
• Gentian Root
• Geranium Root
• Ginger Root
• Ginkgo Biloba
• Ginseng, American (Panax qui.)

• Ginseng, Asian (Panax gin.)

• Ginseng, Siberian (Eleuthero)

• GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid)

• Glucomannan (Konjac)
• Glucosamine
• Goat’s Rue
• Goji Berry (Lycii)
• Goldenrod
• Goldenseal
• Gotu Kola
• Grape Seed Extract / Skins

• Grape Vine
• Grapefruit Seed Extract

• Gravel Root
• Graviola
• Green Cabbage
• Green Tea Extract
• Grindelia
• Guar Gum
• Guarana
• Guggulipid (Commiphora mukul)

• Gymnema Sylvestre


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We have found “BrainFuel Plus” to do all that you have requested above and it is easly taken in capsule form.  Three capsules per day will accomplish your goal and it is reasonably priced and shipping is available world wide. You can sign-up at

Even though we do not normally recommend you take any supplements that you have not thoroughly researched, Brain Abundance, makers of “Brain Fuel Plus” are a company we can recommend with total confidence.

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Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (24% Ginkgo Flavones / 6% Terpene Lactones ) – 60 mg
by TerraVita
100 capsules

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Effectively treats Alzheimer’s Disease, depression, impotence, memory, cognitive abilities, circulation problems and more *

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ZIN Product Number: 517172
Size: 100 capsules
Weight: 0.22 lbs (0.10 KG)
Size (inches): 2.44″ X 2.44″ X 4.69″
Size (cm): 6.2 cm X 6.2 cm X 11.9 cm

Manufacturer: TerraVita

Ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba (60 mg) (Leaf Standardized Extract 24% Ginkgo Fla)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Water

* Please Note: This information is based partly on Traditional Medicine which uses natural materials to support health. This information has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are intended to support general well being and are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.

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Can’t remember like you used to? Maybe Ginkgo Biloba could help. Ginkgo Biloba is scientifically proven to improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain and extremities, making it a valuable botanical to enhance memory function, mental sharpness and other cognitive functions. An ideal supplement for seniors and younger persons with active lifestyles.

Some of ginkgo’s actions result from several of its constituents working together, and other actions relate directly to specific constituents. Ginkgo extract seems to affect cognitive deficiency in two ways; it stimulates populations of nerve cells that are still functional, and it protects nerve cells from pathologic influences. Ginkgo flavonoid constituents, which are mainly rutin, are efficient free-radical scavengers. Rutin is known to improve capillary fragility and permeability. Ginkgo contains ginkgolide constituents that competitively inhibit platelet-activating factor (PAF) binding at the membrane receptor.

This action might be responsible for beneficial effects in asthma, bronchospasm, hypersensitivity reactions, and circulatory diseases. Ginkgolides antagonize PAF-induced decreases in myocardial contractility and coronary blood flow, and prevent cyclosporin-induced nephrotoxicity. Ginkgo contains ginkgolides A and B. These exert an anti-stress and neuroprotective effect by decreasing corticosteroid synthesis. Ginkgo leaf extract increases cerebral blood flow. There is some evidence that ginkgo might improve cerebral metabolism and protect against ischemia. Ginkgo leaf extract decreases blood viscosity, improves microcirculatory blood flow, protects neural and retinal tissue from hypoxic or oxidative injury, stimulates choline uptake and prevents age-related decline in muscarinic receptors in the hippocampus. There is some suggestion that ginkgo leaf extract might exert a monoamine oxidase inhibiting effect. There is also some suggestion that it shows some activity against Pneumocystis carinii, arrests fibrosis in damaged hepatocytes, and inhibits nitric oxide production in inflammation. Ginkgo can improve vascular blood flow in the corpus cavernosum by relaxing vascular smooth muscle, which helps erectile function.

Dosage: At least 40 milligrams of the 24% concentrated extract, three times daily for a minimum of three months.

I need a little help with supplements?Okay Im a senior in high school 17 6’1 225lbs and i need to gain muscle and lose weight fast. I workout in the morning have football practice at night. Right now Iam taking Creatine,protein, and Hydroxycut Hardcore. I also weight lift and do P90x. Would i need Testosterone boosters? If so what brands or which ones would you recommend? What is the best way to take them to get the fastest results? Can i take them with the other supplements i have? Do i take Pre-workout supps? And what is a good plan. I’m going out for defensive line. What supplement and vitamins and other stuff do i need? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Posted by Bob
[display_name id=”1″]You need to start feeding your brain and stop trying to fix everything by putting crap in your body. Your body will follow your brain, it has no other options. So, start getting a GOOD education in physiology and nutrition and stop reading junk info on the internet.Hydroxycut is the worst of the worst supplements. P90X is an awful way to train because no one need a one-size-for-all video when they have a totally unique physique and unique goals. You need a personal trainer and that should be you. The fact that you waited until late to get started just means you’ll have to catch up. One way to get yourself up to speed is to do the following.

1. Watch all of Scooby’s 210+ videos here –> Http://… . (Scooby is a little too “old school” and is not up with the latest science so he’s not 100% correct. He promotes some myths such as 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day which is just wrong. He promotes the use of some supplemnts against the NIH warnings and recommends caffeine which without sufficient cautions, etc. However, he’s the best I’ve been able to find…and I looked at every website I’ve seen mentioned in this forum in the past year.)

2. Next, read everything here so you can learn a little anatomy and kinesiology as well as how to perform exercise in good form –> Http://

3. Finally, buy this book and study it (you can skip over the heavy science stuff) –> Http://…

In the mean time, your coaches will help you with training for your defensive line skills.

Don’t take any supplements. For the truth about supplements, read the following.

Read my answer about supplements here –> Http://;…

Read my answer about supplement scamming here –> Http://;…

If you don’t know how to lose fat, read the following.

Read my answer about how to lose fat —> Http://;…

Read my answer about why exercise is not the key to fat loss —> Http://;…

Read my answer about how the body burns fat–> Http://;…

– You can’t fix a bad diet with exercise.
– You can’t fix a bad workout with diet.
– You can’t fix anything with supplements.

Keep it real, do the hard work, and understand you can’t undo year’s of bad diet and exercise in weeks.

Good luck and good health!!

PS: Here are some good websites you may find useful.

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