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Improve Brain Health?

Posted by Linda
[display_name id=”1″]Just like your body will only be healthy if it gets the right energy put into it and it is exercised, the brain is the same way. Eat a good diet, full of vegetables and healthy protein sources (such as lean meats, nuts, legumes) and don’t eat a lot of junk food. Especially try to stay away from sugars and artificial sweeteners. An omega fatty acid supplement won’t hurt. There are any number of way to exercise your brain, including doing crossword puzzles, reading, playing games. Also get plenty of exercise to keep the blood flowing!
Where can I find Citicoline as a dietary supplement for brain health?

Posted by Annie K
[display_name id=”1″]Are you sure that you don’t mean “Choline” instead? You can find choline in any health food store.
Which vitamin supplement will help benefit the brain?Which is the better supplement between Ginkgo Biloba, Fish Oil, or Omega 3-6-9???

Posted by Summer Sunshine
[display_name id=”1″]The brain is 25% cholesterol and only 2% of the total body weight. DHA is made from omega 3 fatty acids along with EPA. DHA is the fast acting fatty acid the brain needs and EPA is the fast acting fatty acid for the eyes. In order to activate the omega 3 & 6, you need saturated fats for that. Coconut oil is an excellent source of saturated fats that also provide lauric acid to support good thyroid function.  Fish oils are not a good source of omega 3 & 6 because of the small content in the oil, but also because there are NO fish oils sold in America today that do not contain other toxins and synthetic chemical activators. WILD fish, NOT farm raised fish, contain some omegas that are beneficial, but also contain the other undesirable features. Genetically modified salmon is now a huge problem because salmon are one of the few fish that contain very little mercury if caught wild. It has become next to impossible to get enough essential fatty acids from the food we eat these days. Grass fed beef, it not finished and are raised on pure good grasses contain lots of omega 3 & 6’s. Flax seed can be a good source as well, but again, examine the sources.Thanks to the FDA, the Department of Agriculture, the National Association of Cattlemen, and others, we are losing our ability to get good food in America today. Like drug companies that have hijacked the medical industry, these organizations are all about PROFIT, not health and have made it necessary for us to get our nutrients from supplements.

The problem with most supplements made in America today, PROFIT and the lack of good solid truthful information has been the motivation for lots of misinformation being promoted using cleverly constructed marketing to convince people to buy low quality, low value, supplements. Finding good supplements can be a daunting task in America! Although it is true that NO vitamin supplement has killed anyone in the last year according to the National Poison Control data banks, it does not address how much any particular supplement has benefited a person. Only through testing and evaluations based on experience in the health sciences can one truly determine if the supplements you are taking are doing you any good.

The only Brain Fuel supplement we find that really works in feeding the brain and opening up the path to more oxygen going where it is needed to not only improve both white and gray matter development, thus improved focus, memory and reduced stress is found in the newly released Brain Fuel Plus from Brain Abundance.  You can become a wholesale purchaser as well as distributer for a one time payment of $20. you can sign-up for free to get all the information you want to make the right decision for you at

The answer to your question is really make sure you have good cholesterol readings that show a man should be 200 – 240 total cholesterol and 240 – 270 total cholesterol for a woman. Avoid the typical advice given by drug companies regarding cholesterol numbers and avoiding saturated fats. It is the man-made saturated fats using hydrogenation that is the truly bad guy, not the natural fats found in nature. Buy supplements that have NO EXCIPIENTS, TAGALONGS, TOXIC synthetic chemical activators, and certainly NO genetically modified components (like citric acid, soy, etc.). You can find them here at

Good luck to you.

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