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I am interested in the aging process which led me to examining thehuman brain and how to optimize its performance in slowing the aging processfor everyone. Since their are so many individuals who age at all different rates, I found that the performance of the brain is dependent on blood flow and can be controlled or improved through supplementation and exercise. My blog is dedicated to information for those who involve themselves, to slowing the aging process through proper blood flow to the brain.

How to Have a Healthy Mind

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Questions and Answers

How can you build up a healthy mind?

What are the sign of a healthy mind?

Posted by billu
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Mind is d strongest weapon in our hand. And the strongest weapon must be kept in good working condition and in our own control! Normally,bcoz of today's lifestyle,we all have become slaves to our desire,our wishes which all origin from our mind. So, v shud be aware and have our mind under our regulation. So, to do develop a healthy mind, you shud do such activities which makes our mind our friend which listens to our commands and not dat v listen to it's commands.
Best way to build up a healthy mind is Meditation.Thru meditation we make habit of giving our mind one task at a time, so it is able to give its best 100% to every small task we do. Mind is regulated and it's vast potential energy is chanelised in the right way and we have the best results in our hands. And that's the sign of a healthy mind.
Also, a regulated mind is giving origin to only good and moral thoughts which creates the healthy atmosphere for us as well as others. Bcoz thoughts follow the law of attraction! And as thoughts you have,so you attract them. And a healthy, regulated mind developed thru meditation gives only positive,healthy thoughts which attracts the same.
And you shud also teach your mind healthy habits of reading gud knowledgeable stuff instead of the today's common trend of all violent, immoral, anti social junk stuff. Our mind is like a seed. It will grow as you feed it. If you give the seed all healthy nutrients it will grow into a a green, healthy tree with fruits.And if you feed it with unwanted rotten waste, so you wud reap the same.
So, similarly have the habit of feeding the mind with healthy, loving thoughts good for you as well as this world so that you have a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy world to live in.
I do meditation,which has helped me a lot to regulate my mind. So,if interested, i may help you out. Thanks! 🙂

A healthy mind produces love……….Agreed ?

Posted by Buzzzbe
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We do not really know what a healthy mind may produce. The mind of somebody does not have automatic access to the mind and to the intentions / designs of somebody else; this seems also what Luhmann tells us.

We may try and guess or hope that a healthy mind will produce a sensible / logical behaviour perhaps not in ferocious conflict with our life and with our shared culture;

we may try and confidently hope that a healthy mind will treasure or promote some good attitude, a fond expression of love, not of all too possessive greed, towards others.

Love may be the expression of a sensible or logical fond behaviour, thus a healthy mind might sort of reflectively, and at times as if ardently instinctively, produce love.

Amen. Have a great smile of love.

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AARP Brain Fitness Powered by BrainHQ

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Questions and Answers

How do you keep your brain more active and healthy?Hi, at the moment i’m in year 9 doing gcse level, are any methods on keeping your brain more active for learning because i always feel tired and forget easily and everybody else even without paying much attention in class learns faster than i do. At the moment is use lumosity helping my processing skills, memory, cordinative skills and atention skills but there isn’t much on the site so can you think of sites or ways on making your brain more active and sutiable for a learning style? Thanks for reading plz help.

Posted by funeralofhearts93
[display_name id=”1″]You can keep your brain active by doing simple tasks like crosswords , sudoko , maths , reading these all help work parts of the brain. Drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated help the brain function. Excersise releases hormones called endorphins ( happy hormones) which can be good to maintain a good mental health.
Eating things like fish and eggs are good for the brian omega 3 is an example.
Taking breaks in between revision and study periods help the brain to rest and not be overworked. All these things help maintain a healthy brain.

How do you keep your brain healthy?

Posted by KillerEngland321
[display_name id=”1″]Don’t drink until you’re 28. Your brain stops developing then. (Good luck with that) Don’t do hard drugs either.
I’m sure there’s other stuff too.

Are vitamins A,B, and D important to the human brain?

Posted by Kevin7
[display_name id=”1″]Keeping the brain healthy and performing at peak power and efficiency throughout life may be as easy as A,B, D.

The brain weighs approximately three pounds (less than two percent of a 160-pound man’s body), yet it consumes 25% of the blood pumped by every beat of the heart and 20% of the body’s energy. Not surprisingly, the brain is the most critical organ for healthy aging and requires many nutrients to operate correctly. Making sure blood supply to the brain is optimal is critical to slowing the aging process.  This is why I personally recommend Brain Fuel Plus from Brain Abundance.  It has the nutrition necessaryfor optimal blood flow to the brain as well as the energy needed to keep the 25/20% requirement.

In addition to anti-oxidants to repair damaged cells, the brain requires specific essential nutrients to help protect it from disorders like depression and memory loss. Three key vitamins identified in healthy brain functioning include vitamin D, folate (folic acid/B9), and vitamin A.

The Connection Between Vitamin D and Depression: According to Reuter’s Health, low vitamin D has been tied to depression. A six-year study conducted by Dr. Luigi Ferrucci of the National Institute On Aging in Baltimore found that low vitamin D levels were connected to an increased risk of depression in people aged 65 and older. The study followed 531 women and 423 men. At the onset of the study, 42% of the women and 18 percent of the men showed signs of clinical depression. Nearly three-quarters of the group also showed a vitamin D deficiency.

Those who weren’t depressed at the beginning of the study were twice as likely to develop depression if they also showed a vitamin D deficiency. The study concluded that “vitamin D deficiency may become in the future a strategy to prevent the development of depressive mood” in the older population. In addition, “normalization of vitamin D levels may be a part of any depression treatment plan in older patients.”

According to BBC News, another vitamin D study conducted in Europe followed 3,000 men aged 40 to 79 and found that those with high vitamin D levels performed better on memory and information processing tests. Researchers believe that vitamin D protects key signaling pathways in the brain. Vitamin D is produced by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight and is also contained in certain foods including oily fish and in

Folic Acid Linked to Better Memory and Cognition: Folic acid, also known as folate, is a B vitamin (B9) that is essential to healthy brain functioning. A study conducted by Nurses’ Health reported that taking 800 micrograms of folic acid for three years slowed cognitive decline and preserved memory in people aged 50 to 70 years.

Study participants who took the supplement had the memory capabilities of people five and one half years younger and the cognitive speed of people nearly two years younger. The analysis also found that those with the highest folate and vitamin B12 levels were cognitively equivalent to being five years younger. Like vitamin D, folate deficiency has been linked to depression in clinical studies and psychiatric patients with depression have higher rates of folate deficiency than the general population. See the value of supplemenation first hand

Folate may be taken as a supplement and is found in strawberries, spinach, whole wheat bread and fortified white bread, lentils, asparagus, broccoli, peas, bananas and grapefruit juice.

Take Vitamin A to Aid Lifelong Learning: Vitamin A is another nutrient that aids proper brain functioning, specifically learning. Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies discovered that vitamin A promotes learning and provided the first evidence that the vitamin affects brain cell activity in a region linked to learning and memory. In the Salk study, vitamin A was shown to improve communication between brain cells located in the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with memory and learning. “Therefore, we have an unexpected link between a common but essential nutrient, the capacity to learn, and the cellular circuits in the brain that control learning,” says Evans. “Together, the evidence suggests that vitamin A is a type of molecular key that unlocks one of the most powerful functions of the human brain.”

Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, liver, sweet potatoes, spinach, cantaloupe, fortified milk, and egg yolks.

Eat Right for Optimal Brain Performance: While vitamins A, B9, and D enhance brain functioning, keeping the brain fit requires a much more comprehensive approach. In addition to getting required vitamins, it is necessary to eat enough complex carbohydrates like whole grains to provide glucose to fuel the brain. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in oily fish, protect brain cells. Finally, one should eat balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables to provide the other vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal brain performance.

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Fourth Pillar of Human Spirituality

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Questions and Answers

Allahuakbar!! For muslims only?

Could someone explain to me all the commands of allah. The dos and donts and all about allah. Pls?. I want to be scared and be the oman of spirituality and courage. I want to know more about my religion and to my GOD whom everyone loves . Pls let me understand this all.. Sukran;)

Posted by futamieriko
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Shahadah (Testimony of Faith)
The first pillar of Islam is to believe and declare the faith by saying the Shahadah (lit. 'witness'), known as the Kalimah.

Salah (Daily Ritual Prayers)
Prayer (Salah),, is the second pillar of Islam. Prayer is obligatory and must be performed five times a day. These five times are dawn (Fajr), immediately after noon (Dhuhr), mid-afternoon ('Asr), sunset (Maghrib), and early night (Isha').

Sawm (Fasting the Month of Ramadhan)
The fourth pillar of Islam is fasting. Allah prescribes daily fasting for all able, adult Muslims during the whole of the month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the lunar calendar, beginning with the sighting of the new moon.

Zakah (Alms Tax for Poor)
This is 3rd pillar of islam.

Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)
The fifth pillar of Islam is to make a pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah, at least once in one's lifetime. This pillar is obligatory for every Muslim, male or female, provided that he/she is physically and financially able to do so.
Major forbidden thing in islam are:

Islam makes unbelief and distrust in Allah haram.
Also, attributing injustice, incarnation and the like, to Allah the Glorious is haram.Islam also makes haram superstition, charlatanism,
blind imitation and anything that enslaves the mind's inquisitive and creative activity, and prevents a good understanding of life and existence
Islam makes haram anything that may lead to pollute man's inner life, kill his conscience and moral intuition,and that which may change his life to total misery and helplessness, and his conduct to an animalistic one devoid of any human feelings.
Wine-drinking, adultery, eating the flesh of swine, dogs and many other unhealthy animals or for that matter animals killed by strangulation,carrion, and blood are all haram.
Islam makes haram, oppression, usury, monopoly,cheating, theft, telling lies, backbiting, false witness, cursing,bribery, homicide, gambling, teaching and spreading harmful ideologies
and ideas like those made popular through pornographic literature,films and pictures.

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4 Pillars of Mental Health

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Questions and Answers

Grieving Window or is it a facade .Is she nuts ?What do the women here feel ?

A friend of mine took his own life, after his married ended, he was an alcohol addict, depressed & failed as a father and husband which took a toll on his mental health.His wife our ex neighbor & family friend one morning packed her bags and left with the kids , they where separated for more than a year, when he killed himself.Now she works and is focussed in bringing up her kids, is a model mother and has stayed away from any controversy or rumors what usually float around( that widows are easy game etc ) her family is her pillar of support.Four years have passed but she still visits his grave regularly, is always seen wearing big dark sunglasses this perplexes me .Is she feeling guilty or is it just a facade that she is putting up. Talking about other women espically widows is a No! No! With my wife, so my question is directly to the women here but men can should voice their views too, Is it not time that she moved on, she married him for his money, but blew it all
away on booze
Green eyes is right, he inherited a lot of money and property from his family and I have to agree with you on this too, " you don't know what she was feeling inside".

Posted by birdthu
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I believe she is still grieving for the man that she loved, married, and conceived her children with. An alcoholic is 2 persons in one. When sober: loving and responsible; when intoxicated: abusive and dangerous. She probably gave him a choice of his bottle or his family and he was so addicted that he couldn't quit drinking although he loved his family, so she left the man she loved, but couldn't live with. I would think that after 4 years, she should be moving on with her life, but unfortunately, as well as her husband and father to her children, he was probably her best friend and maybe she feels that she can talk to him at his resting place which gives her consolation. As far as marrying him for his money, he couldn't have had much if he was an alcoholic unless it was his inheritance; and "marrying him for his money" is just your opinion – you don't know what she was feeling inside!

Three Pillars of Sustainability?? HELP!?

Three Pillars of sustainability: environment, social equity, economy
Briefly explain which pillars are addressed in each of the six action areas.

1. Buildings and Energy considers energy used in residential, commercial and
industrial buildings in Eugene.
2. Food and Agriculture includes everything related to our food production, delivery,
distribution and waste disposal.
3. Land Use and Transportation considers energy used for transporting people and
goods as well as the impact that land use has on transportation systems and
4. Consumption and Waste looks at everything in the lifecycle of consumer goods
from extraction of raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, distribution,
product use and finally, disposal.
5. Health and Social Services addresses mental and physical impacts on residents
brought about by climate change and rising fuel prices.
6. Urban Natural Resources considers the soil, air, water, plants and animals of our

Posted by Melissa Lovelace
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That's the triple bottom line model of People, Planet, and Profit
Or as I sometimes prefer to call it Society, Space, and Surplus

All 3 will be considerations in all 6 categories, so you basically need to draw out a 3×6 grid, and fill in each of the 18 boxes with some examples. For example in the economic one, you could just name a few private profit and community surplus making businesses, to begin with, as well as the effect of employment in the local area etc.

Kind regards
Fan of Diversity with Equality.

Can roof of houses be used as green lawns or for cultivation of vegetables, flowers or orchids.?

As we are living in the society with the shortage of space, short income and facing problems of pollution. It can help us to provide some space to cultivate and decorate our houses more n more. I do request you to participate and answer actively with valueable suggestion. And tell how it can be done successfully.

Posted by theFresh
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Yes most certainly and it is called living roofs.
And is a great solution to utilizing space as well as insulation against either heat or cold ,for the accomodations, green lawns is extravegant unless you got a goat grazing up there (got friends in south Africa who got that)

It means slightly different construction with concrete roofs at a very gentle slope (for drainage)
damp coursing the concrete with black plastic,(Although the Aztezs used moss)
installing irrigation systems.and leaving easy ways up to the roof ,with ramps

The walls and reinforced corner pillars must be of sufficiant strengh to support the extra weight ,as should the cross beams under the roof .
If you decide to go the full living roof way
which means at least 1/4 of a meter of soil to support the weight of the wet soil.
No more than 3 stories is recommended before doing the living roof .

Have the slope in a Northern direction to make full use of the sun(depending which hemisphere you are in,,and so that you could also incorporate solar panels.

But you can also put lots of flowerpots up if you just want some flowers ,standing on planks (the simple small way)


Why this is recomended

They did some experiments with rats in highrise building conditions and after the 3rd story they began to get weird
by the time they were on twenty they went insane and ate their own babies .

This gives you some idea what the bosses must be like in the penthouse offices

So 3 stories is a reasonable healthy hight for humans they have discovered BOTH MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH

so we cannot put to many people on top of each other
technically it is an impossible task to ensure a continues supply of good air for everybody
and the mental effects are drastic ,
but we can blend people into and under the landscape

there is an Architect who designed a city in China that blended totally into the landscape ,the farmland ending on top of all the equal level roofs ,with the farmers moving about on bridges

All the rooms would have the sun at least once a day,The city to utilize all their own byproducts as gas for cooking or compost
With solar energy to power the lot

The land above would produce all the food and meat for the city

A totally auto sufficient concept ,with agriculture build in in a sustainable way.

Very technical and advanced
it is talked about on this youtube at the end

So the answer is urbanization incorporated with agriculture
Aggro urbanization,coupled to Aggro forestry.
Food and animals with in forests
and people hidden 3 levels underneath the farms ,all housing having what is called living roofs(have done some myself with pasture and goats on the roof ,and seen many of these) ,with pasture and vegetables ,this would also keep the dwellings cool.

Montezuma looked out of his window one day and saw all his peasants in huts of adobe as a blemish on his panorama ,and he ordered the people to hide themselves beneath beautifull flowers (deoderant was not so big in those days),and so the central Americans were motivated to build living roofs ,turning their village in to a garden with themselves hidden with in ,So the idea is by no means original
Babylon was doing very similar things using sophistcated building methods and stone

This concept can spread into the country with out depleting it
leaving room for expansion

It is a collection of sustainable ideas from around the world coupled to present level of knowledge
ideally suited for those who want to get back to the country and build a autosuficient situation for themselves and the family or a comunity .

People plant rather for the quality of life and to feed their families, than for the market ,so the motivation and the manner are totally different from ordinary agriculture .

Although the basic concept of Permaculture also applies to Organic and sustainable farming,

Utilising soil manegement ,and mulching
Building soil instead of diminishing it
Using organic pest control instead of chemicals
Harvesting water instead of depleting sub teranean reservoirs
Planting in guilds and bio diverse to ensure healthy chemical balances with in the soil,and cut down on possibilities for pests

The utilization of space is more concentrated ,thinking in cubic and vertical terms instead or merely horizontal on the plain ,

Having many principle to follow such as utilizing all resoures and following and enhancing energy flows ,
Intelligence in design
For example the ditch around the house catches the rain water and leads it through the chicken house where it cleans and picks up the manure to deposit it in the vegetable patch

Permaculture means permanent agriculture
a concept put forward by Bill Mollisson in the 60`s

Which offers practical solutions for energy systems ,infrastructure ,inteligent design in housing,
animal shelter ,water systems and sustainable agricultural practises.
With the world and it`s history as it`s source
From the chinampas of Mexico to the teraced gardens of the Andes.
From the dessert whadis to the steppes of Russia.
Covering all climatic conditions temporal, dessert, humid and dry tropics.
With chapters on soil ,Water harvesting and land design,Bio diversity
Earth working ,Spirals in nature,Trees and water ,utilizing energy flows,
Strategy for an alternative nation

The Permaculture designers manual by Bill Mollison,which cost about 40 dollars.
And is the best all round book you can get,on Environmental design,.(tagiari publishing,
this book also has many gardening tips,bio-gas,companion planting and ideas for structures ,how to cool down houses in hot climates ,how to warm up houses in cold climates with out using technology but rather by design.

Some other writers that are on the internet are
david Holmgren
Larry Santoyo
Kirk Hanson

Masanobu Fukuaka has written ,
One-Straw Revolution
The Road Back to Nature
The Natural Way of Farming
other permaculture links in Yahoo are

choosing a site
counter acting erosion

water harvesting


the rippling effect

organic pest control & growing your own food

Intelligence in design
similar question

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Dr Bresky Four Pillars

Citadel Hill, Amman, Jordan - Free image - 2973
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Questions and Answers

Can you please translate this into tagalog, please?

This is for my school work and i'm really bad at tagalog, is anyone kind enough to do this for me, thank you!!!! 😀

Regardless of your emotional state, it is the ability of getting yourself to take action. According to many philosophers, self disciple is like muscle, the more you train it, the more you enjoy the result. It is a kind of progressive training, which means once you succeed, you increase the challenge for yourself. For instance, if you are working out for same weights, you won't get stronger muscles.

Self discipline is one of the many tools available to enhance your personal development.

In order to achieve something better in life, it is very important to develop self discipline because self discipline is a key for developing your personality. It is very important to empower your will, because it is responsible for self discipline. Why people blame their failures and unhappiness on others? Why they don't taking responsibility for their own failure and unhappiness? The answers of these questions are hidden in the self irresponsibility, lack of confidence, fear and lack of conscience. These all negative things can be perished by empowering your personality. Personal discipline is nothing but a sort of training of the brain.

Once you learn how to discipline yourself and empower your mind, you will be amazed by the results, because self discipline results in personal development and ultimately leads to success. There are few tips in order to boost your power of self discipline and hence enhance your personality. These are as follows-

1.You should focus on your goals. For instance, focus on losing 30 or 40 pounds (according to your health) rather then focus on losing some weight. You should set particular target and concentrate on it.
2.You should set the time frame for your goal. For instance, set target to lose 30 pounds in 40 days rather then lose some weight in few months. If your goal is big, then you will increase your time frame.
3.Always set high standard-don't compare yourself with others. Set standards and your own goals.
4.Self motivation will be very helpful for strengthen self-discipline.

These are few tips or guidelines which are very helpful to enhance self discipline and hence strengthen you personality development. Always remember there are five pillars on which self- discipline can be staked. These pillars are acceptance, willpower, hard work, industry and persistence. A WHIP- is a convenient way to remember these pillars. These pillar needs to be fortified for enhancing your self discipline.

There are four types of personal developments which can be achieved on the bases of strong will power or self-discipline. Assertiveness, Submissiveness, Manipulative, Aggressiveness are four types of personal development.

Assertiveness is what you want clearly, firmly; acknowledging and gently your own right and state what you want from other as well as from yourself.
Submissiveness is always keeping at peace and getting along well with others.

Aggressiveness is not being considerate because it is negative feeling; one has to overcome his or her anger to enhance their personality.

Manipulative person is always attacking others and making them fell guilty. Thus, you should suppress this in order to achieve good personality.
Hey charlie, send me your address and i will send you a sack of rice from baguio.. And i'll add in some baguio strawberries too! :D.

Posted by Cassandra S.
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Woaaah, that is away too long for me to translate. I don't even think anyone in the Philippines would be willing to do it even if you gave them a free sack of rice :/

Is there any holistic drugs for women with endometriosis?

Posted by Thandie
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From the Endo Research Center at You should also contact them for a copy of Dr. Deborah Metzger's "4 Pillars of Healing" packet, which has a ton of alternative treatment info including herbs, diet/nutrition, etc.

Shiatsu: a Japanese finger-pressure technique similar to massage, Shiatsu stimulates Ki (which is the same as Chinese Ch'i) to balance freeflow and thereby eliminate pain. For more information, contact the Shiatsu Therapy Center at 916/453-1770 and/or the Ohasi Shiatsu Institute at 212/684-4190.

Naturopathy: "Nature Cures." Healing methods often include combinations of fasting, vitamin and mineral therapy, color therapy, colonics, hydrotherapy, herbs, breathing exercises, physical exercise, massage, joint manipulation, and acupuncture, among others. Contact the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians at 206/323-7610 for more information.

Biofeedback: altering of body processes such as heart rate, muscle activity, skin temperature, and brain wave activity. This is done through the use of electrodes attached to the skin which convert minute physiological, chemical or electrical changes into auditory or visual signals. Please contact the American Association of Biofeedback Clinicians at 312/827-0440 for additional information.

Osteopathy: Osteopaths believe pain be relieved by correcting structural problems through the manipulation of muscles, ligaments and bones. You can reach the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians & Gynecologists by calling 313/332-6360 for more details.

Homeopathic therapy: Homeopaths stimulate and bolster healing mechanisms within the body through minute doses of natural remedies that would in healthy persons, produce the symptoms of Endo. Homeopaths believe "like cures like." Treatments can take up to a year and include remedies made from natural substances like minerals, salt and herbs. Common treatments for Endometriosis pain include thuja and sepia. You can learn more by contacting the International Foundation for Homeopathy at 206/324-8230.

Chiropractics: differs from osteopathic treatment in that Chiropractors believe the disease can be relieved by correcting dislocations (subluxations) in the musculoskeletal system alone. Areas concentrated on include primarily the lumbar spine and the thoracic spine area (which also has beneficial effects on the immune system, long thought to be involved in the basis of Endometriosis). For more information, call the American Chiropractic Association at 800/986-4636.

Acupuncture: insertion of thin needles at various points in the skin. Is said to bring relief to women suffering from Endo pain, menstrual cramping, and post-op pain as well. According to Chinese philosophy, good health results as a balance and freeflow of Ch'i through "the meridians," while illness is an imbalance, stagnation, or an obstruction of Ch'i in a "meridian." Placement of the needles on the various points linked by the meridians is believed to restore the balance and flow of Ch'i. This might help eliminate symptoms and reduce pain. In "Endometriosis: A Natural Approach," author Jo Mears noted that some researchers believe that "Endometriosis is a 'blood stagnation condition.' The acupuncturist tries to get the blood and energy flow moving again by using the spleen meridians and liver points, all of which are found in the legs, feet and toes." Other researchers believe that acupuncture releases endorphins, a natural painkiller produced by the body. Call the American Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine at 415/776-0502 for further details.

TENS electrotherapy: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS unit is a small machine which conducts an electric current through electrodes placed on the painful areas. When it is successful, pain relief is often very quick. Ask your doctor for more information on obtaining a TENS unit.

Bach Flower: Remedies originated by Dr. Nelson Bach. The basis for this treatment is that every disorder arises from inner imbalances that can be cured by nature through healing plants, sunlight, spring water and fresh air. Applications include gentian, crab apple and pine. For more info, contact the Bach Flower Program at Bo 0185, Baldwin, NY, 11510.

Exercise: While not necessarily an "alternative" treatment, exercise is a demonstrated stress reliever, pain reducer, and depression fighter because it stimulates the release of endorphins, natural painkillers.

Aromatherapy: Using essential oils extracted from plants. Some oils have been found to have anti viral, anti fungal and even antibacterial properties. Effective oils in Endometriosis relief include sage, cypress, fennel, bergamot and geranium. For more information, contact the American Alliance of Aromatherapy, Box 309, Depoe Bay, OR 97341.

Reflexology: Similar to acupuncture's meridian theory. Reflexologists believe that the entire body is represented by points within the foot. These points are massaged, thereby stimulating a reflect action in the corresponding tissue or organ. Endometriosis treatment involves points which, in particular, help uterine cramping. You may contact the International Institute of Reflexology at PO Box 12642, St. Petersburg, FL 33733.

Herbs: Herbalists believe this form of treatment works because of the impact selected remedies have on excess levels of estrogen. Because the liver is responsible for breaking down estrogen, it has been suggested that a weakness in the liver may be indirectly involved in the flare of Endometriosis and if treated, can have a relieving effect on symptoms. A Naturopathic physician in Canada reported the cases of 15 women with Endo who were treated with an herbal preparation known to stimulate liver function – dandelion, beet leaves, cascara and Uva ursi. After several months, 12 of the 15 women were symptom-free. Various herbs said to be helpful in relieving Endo pain include: Blue Cohosh, Cranberry, Plantain, St. John's Wort, Peppermint, Valerian, Dong Quai, False Unicorn, Evening Primrose Oil, Chasteberry/Vitex, Black Cohosh, Uva Ursi, Couchgrass, Red Raspberry, Yam, and White Willow. Check with a licensed professional as to dosing, interactions and regimens. Contact the American Botanical Council at 512/331-8868 for more information.

Other complementary practices include Reiki, visualization, breathing techniques, meditation, stress management and touch healings.

Why do I have this insatiable desire for consumption [of food] that exceeds my capacity?

I desire to keep eating and eating and eating but I can't because my stomach tells me it is full but my brain says more! More! More!

I suppose it's my genes (genetics) that causes me to listen more to my stomach than my brain, however, I am wondering why this is?


What do you think?
Wow haha so many AWFUL answers!! Haha where do they come up with this crap?

Posted by Pillar
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Pillar, so far it does not seem to have done your figure harm. It certainly does with most people and I believe like with most people who constantly eat, that there is something else that they try to block out of their lives or something that stresses them out, something that happened and most people who eat a lot, don't do this because they are greedy pigs but some emotional issues are often behind it, and once one finds out the real reason, one has to deal with that and then replace the eating by dealing with the problem and if one eats out of stress, then one has to find a way to change ones schedule to make some room for oneself to get some time to oneself to do some fun things…and learn to relax.

Maybe you are unhappy with some aspect in your life and try to compensate for it with food or something is lacking from your life and you compensate subconsiously by finding comfort in eating…

The brain tells the body to eat, you are right but you should eat a normal sized meal and drink a salad before you eat your main meal…the salad will be filling…and after you finished a normal portion of food, wait 20 minutes and only if you still have hunger pangs after that, then eat some more…if your body is full, it should also tell your brain ''Enough is enough'' ''Stop'' . I told you I managed to gain 60 lbs and believe me, that is not difficult to gain weight and such a big amount if one just don't exercise but I was very active, on my legs all day long…as a health care worker..and it also happens often that nurses who take such good care of patients, don't take care of themselves and they grab junk food and then in the afternoon go to the candymachine and eat potato chips or sweets, and so they get fat, and that's not great…one should make the effort to take something to work that is healthy…and snack on healthy things. If you get very hungry, you can eat the fat free microwave popcorn that has no sugar and no butter in it…you can eat as much as you want of that…and have a smoothie, that is filling but nutritious… If you have a blender get some strawberries ..washed and cut into halves and half a banana and some milk and 2 to 3 tablespoonfuls of plain yoghourt..blend it…and it's ready to drink…That has calcium and vitamins and it should fill you up for a while and you should exercise…but dont' exercise on a full stomach…

Find some time in between. You can have a snack and then exercise and you should eat within 30 minutes after you have finished your exercises…Stay hydrated, drink a lot of filtered water or herbal or fruit teas. You can use teabags of fruit tea and boil water and add some bags..let it cool down…then put it in a clean bottle and add a little bit of sugar…and lemon if you want to and put it in the fridge then you can have your own ice tea that has a lot less sugar than the ice tea has which you buy…and you can add a little fresh mint and some ice cubes when you put it in a glass to drink it…

If your body and belly hurt…your body is trying to tell your brain ''Enough I am full'' so try that. I managed to gain 60 lbs and never ate until it hurt…LOL..and believe me it was ever so hard to lose 40 lbs …and now I am happy that I can fit into a size 10 was awful to look like Little Queen Victoria in a size 16…5ft 4 and wearing black and looking fat..and having no self confidence because I got obese…Now I am back to a BMI of 24 which is normal…18 to 24 is a normal Body mass

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