4 Pillars of Mental Health

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Questions and Answers

Grieving Window or is it a facade .Is she nuts ?What do the women here feel ?

A friend of mine took his own life, after his married ended, he was an alcohol addict, depressed & failed as a father and husband which took a toll on his mental health.His wife our ex neighbor & family friend one morning packed her bags and left with the kids , they where separated for more than a year, when he killed himself.Now she works and is focussed in bringing up her kids, is a model mother and has stayed away from any controversy or rumors what usually float around( that widows are easy game etc ) her family is her pillar of support.Four years have passed but she still visits his grave regularly, is always seen wearing big dark sunglasses this perplexes me .Is she feeling guilty or is it just a facade that she is putting up. Talking about other women espically widows is a No! No! With my wife, so my question is directly to the women here but men can should voice their views too, Is it not time that she moved on, she married him for his money, but blew it all
away on booze
Green eyes is right, he inherited a lot of money and property from his family and I have to agree with you on this too, " you don't know what she was feeling inside".

Posted by birdthu
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I believe she is still grieving for the man that she loved, married, and conceived her children with. An alcoholic is 2 persons in one. When sober: loving and responsible; when intoxicated: abusive and dangerous. She probably gave him a choice of his bottle or his family and he was so addicted that he couldn't quit drinking although he loved his family, so she left the man she loved, but couldn't live with. I would think that after 4 years, she should be moving on with her life, but unfortunately, as well as her husband and father to her children, he was probably her best friend and maybe she feels that she can talk to him at his resting place which gives her consolation. As far as marrying him for his money, he couldn't have had much if he was an alcoholic unless it was his inheritance; and "marrying him for his money" is just your opinion – you don't know what she was feeling inside!

Three Pillars of Sustainability?? HELP!?

Three Pillars of sustainability: environment, social equity, economy
Briefly explain which pillars are addressed in each of the six action areas.

1. Buildings and Energy considers energy used in residential, commercial and
industrial buildings in Eugene.
2. Food and Agriculture includes everything related to our food production, delivery,
distribution and waste disposal.
3. Land Use and Transportation considers energy used for transporting people and
goods as well as the impact that land use has on transportation systems and
4. Consumption and Waste looks at everything in the lifecycle of consumer goods
from extraction of raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, distribution,
product use and finally, disposal.
5. Health and Social Services addresses mental and physical impacts on residents
brought about by climate change and rising fuel prices.
6. Urban Natural Resources considers the soil, air, water, plants and animals of our

Posted by Melissa Lovelace
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That's the triple bottom line model of People, Planet, and Profit
Or as I sometimes prefer to call it Society, Space, and Surplus

All 3 will be considerations in all 6 categories, so you basically need to draw out a 3×6 grid, and fill in each of the 18 boxes with some examples. For example in the economic one, you could just name a few private profit and community surplus making businesses, to begin with, as well as the effect of employment in the local area etc.

Kind regards
Fan of Diversity with Equality.

Can roof of houses be used as green lawns or for cultivation of vegetables, flowers or orchids.?

As we are living in the society with the shortage of space, short income and facing problems of pollution. It can help us to provide some space to cultivate and decorate our houses more n more. I do request you to participate and answer actively with valueable suggestion. And tell how it can be done successfully.

Posted by theFresh
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Yes most certainly and it is called living roofs.
And is a great solution to utilizing space as well as insulation against either heat or cold ,for the accomodations, green lawns is extravegant unless you got a goat grazing up there (got friends in south Africa who got that)

It means slightly different construction with concrete roofs at a very gentle slope (for drainage)
damp coursing the concrete with black plastic,(Although the Aztezs used moss)
installing irrigation systems.and leaving easy ways up to the roof ,with ramps

The walls and reinforced corner pillars must be of sufficiant strengh to support the extra weight ,as should the cross beams under the roof .
If you decide to go the full living roof way
which means at least 1/4 of a meter of soil to support the weight of the wet soil.
No more than 3 stories is recommended before doing the living roof .

Have the slope in a Northern direction to make full use of the sun(depending which hemisphere you are in,,and so that you could also incorporate solar panels.

But you can also put lots of flowerpots up if you just want some flowers ,standing on planks (the simple small way)


Why this is recomended

They did some experiments with rats in highrise building conditions and after the 3rd story they began to get weird
by the time they were on twenty they went insane and ate their own babies .

This gives you some idea what the bosses must be like in the penthouse offices

So 3 stories is a reasonable healthy hight for humans they have discovered BOTH MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH

so we cannot put to many people on top of each other
technically it is an impossible task to ensure a continues supply of good air for everybody
and the mental effects are drastic ,
but we can blend people into and under the landscape

there is an Architect who designed a city in China that blended totally into the landscape ,the farmland ending on top of all the equal level roofs ,with the farmers moving about on bridges

All the rooms would have the sun at least once a day,The city to utilize all their own byproducts as gas for cooking or compost
With solar energy to power the lot

The land above would produce all the food and meat for the city

A totally auto sufficient concept ,with agriculture build in in a sustainable way.

Very technical and advanced
it is talked about on this youtube at the end

So the answer is urbanization incorporated with agriculture
Aggro urbanization,coupled to Aggro forestry.
Food and animals with in forests
and people hidden 3 levels underneath the farms ,all housing having what is called living roofs(have done some myself with pasture and goats on the roof ,and seen many of these) ,with pasture and vegetables ,this would also keep the dwellings cool.

Montezuma looked out of his window one day and saw all his peasants in huts of adobe as a blemish on his panorama ,and he ordered the people to hide themselves beneath beautifull flowers (deoderant was not so big in those days),and so the central Americans were motivated to build living roofs ,turning their village in to a garden with themselves hidden with in ,So the idea is by no means original
Babylon was doing very similar things using sophistcated building methods and stone

This concept can spread into the country with out depleting it
leaving room for expansion

It is a collection of sustainable ideas from around the world coupled to present level of knowledge
ideally suited for those who want to get back to the country and build a autosuficient situation for themselves and the family or a comunity .

People plant rather for the quality of life and to feed their families, than for the market ,so the motivation and the manner are totally different from ordinary agriculture .

Although the basic concept of Permaculture also applies to Organic and sustainable farming,

Utilising soil manegement ,and mulching
Building soil instead of diminishing it
Using organic pest control instead of chemicals
Harvesting water instead of depleting sub teranean reservoirs
Planting in guilds and bio diverse to ensure healthy chemical balances with in the soil,and cut down on possibilities for pests

The utilization of space is more concentrated ,thinking in cubic and vertical terms instead or merely horizontal on the plain ,

Having many principle to follow such as utilizing all resoures and following and enhancing energy flows ,
Intelligence in design
For example the ditch around the house catches the rain water and leads it through the chicken house where it cleans and picks up the manure to deposit it in the vegetable patch

Permaculture means permanent agriculture
a concept put forward by Bill Mollisson in the 60`s

Which offers practical solutions for energy systems ,infrastructure ,inteligent design in housing,
animal shelter ,water systems and sustainable agricultural practises.
With the world and it`s history as it`s source
From the chinampas of Mexico to the teraced gardens of the Andes.
From the dessert whadis to the steppes of Russia.
Covering all climatic conditions temporal, dessert, humid and dry tropics.
With chapters on soil ,Water harvesting and land design,Bio diversity
Earth working ,Spirals in nature,Trees and water ,utilizing energy flows,
Strategy for an alternative nation

The Permaculture designers manual by Bill Mollison,which cost about 40 dollars.
And is the best all round book you can get,on Environmental design,.(tagiari publishing, tagariadmin@southcom.com.au)
this book also has many gardening tips,bio-gas,companion planting and ideas for structures ,how to cool down houses in hot climates ,how to warm up houses in cold climates with out using technology but rather by design.

Some other writers that are on the internet are
david Holmgren
Larry Santoyo
Kirk Hanson

Masanobu Fukuaka has written ,
One-Straw Revolution
The Road Back to Nature
The Natural Way of Farming
other permaculture links in Yahoo are

choosing a site
counter acting erosion

water harvesting


the rippling effect

organic pest control & growing your own food

Intelligence in design
similar question

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